Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today in jazz class, my two students we having a hard time keeping focus on what I was asking them to do. Sometimes, like right before a show or competition, it's important to always stay on task. But other times, like now, where we have no upcoming programs, its ok to goof around a little. I like to let my students get all their silliness out by turning up some random music and let them do what ever they want. There's just one rule. They have to dance. The two students in that class are boy/girl partners in competition, so they love when they get to freestyle dance together, because they know how to do some basic lifts and partner moves. Their favorite move is sliding underneath each other's legs. Another way I get my students back on track, is using silly ways to describe how they could do something better. My students are younger ( fourth anf fifth grade) so they find my comparisons quite amuzing. Something i use alot is instead of telling them their feet aren't pointed, i'll tell them they have elf feet. No one likes a dance teacher who can't be silly sometimes, and today was a perfect day to be the fun teacher!

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  1. Lexi - Very nice! I like how you use a one word title - very striking and it sums up your theme so simply and effectively. Your blog is a joy to read!